Monthly Subscription FAQ's & Policies

By subscribing, you acknowledge that you have read the information below, and agree to the terms.

Shipping Info:

This subscription will re-bill on the 11th of each month and ship by the 4th of the following month.

Please check your shipping address prior to placing your order. I am not responsible if your package is returned due to an incorrect address. If a package is returned to me, the buyer is responsible for fees to re-ship. I am not responsible for stolen items. If your tracking is marked as "delivered" then to my knowledge the package has been delivered. If you have any concerns about your delivery you can call USPS with your tracking number and they should be able to assist you in filing a complaint.

International Orders: The buyer is responsible for all customs taxes and fees that may happen once the order is in their country. I do not have any way of knowing how much these will be ahead of time, so please do not place an international order if you are unwilling to pay any fees that might come up.


What is the Sticker Guru monthly box?

Sticker Guru Monthly Box is a monthly subscription service for our popular mystery kits. It will also come with additional matching stickers. 

Can I buy these monthly items in your main shop?

You can purchase the monthly box without subscribing. The box is $24 for subscribers, and $30 for non-subscribers. Any additional items from our subscription will be listed in the shop in the future as overstock at full price. 

Does this fit my [insert planner here]?

All of our stickers are designed for Standard Vertical Planners with 1.5" wide columns. We have many customers who use our kits for their Happy Planner, Horizontal Planner, Recollections, etc!

When is the last day I can subscribe?

We have a limited number of spots each month. The last day to subscribe is the last day of the month, unless we run out of spots.

When will my monthly box ship?

By the 4th of every month. That means, if you purchased the June box any time from June 1st to June 30th (or until we sell out), your box will ship out within the timeframe of June 11th through July 4th. 

Sign Up You'll Receive Ships Out Next Billing
January 1-31 January Between Jan 11 - Feb 4 February 11
February 1-28 February Between Feb 11 - Mar 4 March 11
March 1-31 March Between Mar 11 -Apr 4 April 11
April 1-30 April Between Apr 11 - May 4 May 11
May 1-31 May Between May 11 - Jun 4 June 11
June 1-30 June Between Jun 11 - July 4 July 11
When will I be re-billed?

You will be billed on the 10th/11th of each month. If you need to update your subscription (cancel/skip/edit billing), you MUST do so on or before the 9th of the month. If you purchase a prepay option, you are not able to cancel your order. No refunds are given to orders that are not canceled ahead of time. 

What is the minimum number of months I can be subscribed?

We have a policy of a 3 month minimum subscription. That is why we offer a one-time purchase of $30 for those who are interested in trying for just 1 month. If you cancel your subscription after one month, you will be billed the difference of $6/months left (i.e. If you have 1 month left, it's a $6 fee. If you have 2 months left, it's a $12 fee.). There is no fee for cancellation after 3 months.

I canceled my subscription, but I'm still receiving boxes?

Canceling a subscription will not cancel and refund the delivery orders that have been paid for, it only stops future renewal charges.

I have more questions!

You can send us a message through our Contact Form.