3 Ways To Use Your Planner At Work Like a BOSS

3 Ways To Use Your Planner At Work Like a BOSS

When it comes to work, who wouldn't like to have a little fun? You can use your planner to build out some fun activities, including goals for the rest of 2020. Of course, it is always good to meet a weekly deadline, but we can get a little more creative with our goals if we have a little fun to fill our time, as long as we don't forget to cross everything off our list. Whether you are a planner newbie or have been using one for years, add some fun features to your notebook with these three simple suggestions.

Check-in with yourself and write down what you need.

When was the last time you did this? Have you asked yourself what your week ahead looks like? Are you feeling pressure at work? Are you feeling like there's a lot on your plate and you can't take on any more? These questions can be asked every morning as you look at your planner.

Review these thoughts throughout the day and prioritize your work, or even just take a moment to start some great goals for yourself for the week. For example, maybe you are feeling overwhelmed at work. Have you written down what your long-term goals are for the year and your long-term career goals? Are you using the time you've been given wisely to work on your current goals?

Here's what I've noticed in working with many busy professionals: The task list just doesn't work for them and they struggle to meet their goals. You might be saying, "But I do have a to-do list, but I can never get the time to just sit and finish what I need to do." I believe it is crucial that you set aside time to reflect and dream big – we all have the power to use our planner to do this!

Dedicate some space to goals

We can have fun by getting some cute mottos and planner stickers in our planner so we remember our goals. It may be fun to start your day off with a blank page and give yourself permission to write down all of your goals, even if they are lofty. You can also write your future deadlines on the page as you set them. When we create space in our planner to write down and organize our goals, we have a lot more clarity on where we are, what we are working on and what we need to focus on.

Schedule some fun times for yourself and your work buddies

Haven't had a girls' lunch in ages? Have you been meaning to hang out with your workout buddy or get together for dinner? You can use your planner to bring some fun into your life. You could also design a fun calendar that has monthly and weekly themes that revolve around the activities you want to participate in.

My favorite activity to plan in my planner is a monthly girls' night out. It's such a great way to connect with my friends and have fun with each other. Every time, we all learn something new about each other and create new memories. I plan out the whole week to make sure I am able to get all of my tasks and errands done, then my schedule is packed full of fun plans and events for the night. It's so nice to have a plan to make your week enjoyable – and I don't miss an event once it's on my calendar. And of course, there's no shame in staying in, ordering takeout or getting together with your significant other to enjoy some quality time together!

If you are lacking some fun goals to add to your planner, creating them can feel a little daunting. But when you turn to what really matters to you, your dreams and your passions, you find the perfect balance of bringing a little more fun to your life.

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